Coleman ProductsWith over 8 years experience in the HVAC Industry, we excel over the competition by offering friendly, outstanding customer service in addition to quality work. Our motto is ”keeping your honey at the right temp” because we focus on all five factors related to comfort: Ventilation, Circulation, Filtration, Temperature, and Humidity.

Bee Comfortable does not cut corners to save time and money. We provide quality service and products to ensure you get the maximum performance from your HVAC system. Our company does NOT underbid our competitors since we find that this leads to cutting corners, sub-quality workmanship, or sub-quality products to reduce cost.

Coleman ThermostatWe do not charge emergency service rates until after 8:00 pm. We understand that most people work and cannot afford to take time off.

Our technicians do not work on Sundays. Everyone needs a day off, and that's when we focus on ”keeping our own honey at the right temp”!


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